Biography I

I love to draw since young. When i was 2 years old, first touched pencils and crayon, i drew all over places, books, walls, floor. The legacy began with age 2, toddler year. Yeah, at that age i already learn to study, wrote alphabets. But then i hated alphabets, there was no exception for failure. […]

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It Is Just The Beginning

It’s creeping in.. I have fear.. It’s have grown to the hard surface out of tundra soil. There’s no rain or sunlight, it just survive through harsh contained environment. Maybe dark side is stronger. Whisper through cracked wall, watching it sneak out of it. You’re not real. The world i seen through rehabilitated began changing […]

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Soul Eater

You flag out your paws widely. Everyone is frightened by you. Everyone is running away from you. Keep running and run and run and run. We seek every method, learn every possible formula to defeat you. Every living thing that breath is hate you. You’re so lonely, no friend not even space debris want you. […]

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We Are Dying

Another one is down, gone. One by one passing. It seem to me that soon or later. We’re mortal, no one lives forever. It’s matter of time. I can’t imagine how are we going to deal with our own death, what will we think at the edge of our last breath. To me, i almost […]

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Losing Artistry

Got the help i needed. Finally, yeah. Let’s celebrate, yay! YAY! 🙌 Dec 05 incident got myself detained by medic, spent quite monotonous weeks in mental asylum. Yeah, i surrendered. Under strict monitoring intense medication, put on weight in just 1 week, now i hardly find a single piece of clothes allow me to wear […]

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Let It Go

Ruby red sunbeam set off a dawn. Flamingos waking and breakfasting on regretted crabs. Ocean seem sleeping soundly petting shore gently. Seashell creatures marching their way back to arm of mother ocean. I take the air with bottle of wine. Crystal shine of sand burying my feet deep in their world. Drinking out the sorrow […]

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Future Crown

You’re diamond on the crown. The crown sitting quietly in the cubic display glass Waiting for future king to put it on with pride. A nation is build, people is fathering, a future is lure. Far in flowery country on top of mountain, shinning her dignity. Sun up high hanging in the sky projecting golden […]

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