Finding a path to silence thru aspen tree colony. Owls watching how much loneliness devouring me up till i turn ashes. Knowing darkness always consume and sunlight hardly shine in. Listening to my exhausted breath echoing forth deep in nowhere. No slight of breeze whisper and no drop of vapor moisture. Memory queueing symphony i […]

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Are You My Light?

I made decision, took a boat, nothing fancy nor high tech to allow me to get to destination i want, followed the light of Sagittarius. Sailing far away from home, abandoned what i had, for better future, land of the free, across Atlantic, and hurricane swiped in sinked everything. Struggled not to drown, fought not […]

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Cross The Line!

Oh shit.. I’m screw up this time. No more drinking no more drunk talk. This is fucking awkward! I mess up real bad this time. It’s going to hurt everyone and myself. My buddy was right about this and it happened!

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I’m Not Alone

After all this while, finally someone understand what i going through!! It was very hard for me to share what i feel mostly end up with “ah you skipped your medicine again” sort of shit. He understand what i saw. Only people experience it knows what it is. It’s great deal for me, ya know. […]

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Just My Word

I’m done waiting. I feel I’m the only one talk all the time. Know nothing about your background . It’s unfair. Ya know? I turned cold, I’m sorry about that. It’s just reminds me my days with jelly mama boy. Yeah it’s my fault can’t tell the different between good guy and bad guy. Cat […]

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Picking Up Rotten Apple

For quite some time i felt numb, today i am something else, feeling emotions hosting grand feast dancing and shaking the ground, yeah pain, watching how judge sentenced them, children separated from parents and get escorted out to 30 years of prison life, congrats couples getting divorce, words ringing in ear echoing like monster waves […]

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I remember the promises we made and the vow you took when we first date, 2nd date and 3rd date. You told my friends, my mother know about you our relationship. So, I’m hold on to that vow i made for you. Where’s yours? You forgot? Now who’s been unfaithful now? I’m here to claim […]

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