Well Said!

I found a powerful comment and truly good advise to myself too. Adam Taha, you can read his words on Quora, he’s writer about psychology and dating. I really enjoy his articles. Here’s his advice for all insecurity women. “Wait until when no one tells you that, then you’ll back here again complaining why your […]

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The Book of Isolated Bubbles

I completed entire work. It started from mid summer till autumn. It took me 3 months to finish it. I also attached works done outside this book, it’s masterpiece, actually before i purchase this empty scrapbook. I had to done it in hurry, in point of fact, this work dedicated to him. I wanna to […]

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Sep 27 Part ii

I can’t tell my boo. We had fight few days ago, i can’t let him know this again, it will add more fuel on his calmed rage. All i want him to know is it’s never my intention to hurt him, betray him. I don’t want him to think i still want to associate with […]

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Grace, Longlasting

Me and partner back together again. Misunderstanding, lack of transparency was what cause it. It was my fault after all. I held back a lot from him. Actually, it did better when i be honest with him. Nah, i don’t want to fight him again.. Scary. Not long after that, we had huge fight again. […]

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It wasn’t first time happened to me. Not anymore. It wasn’t that traumatic. I felt numb. Blank after it. All i feel is i wholeheartedly guilt. I failed to protect myself.

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China Caging Wild Animals

After i watched documentary of aquarium tourism industry in PRC / China getting larger, the greater demand made me speechless and heartbroken. They caught and enslaved aquatic animals, never care about their well being, recreating new gen circus. When these animals die, they will just buy new one, catch new one. Do you get it […]

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