The Fear of Become The Bad Guy

I’ve been torn apart. Today, I’m so emotional. People’s marital affair tribunal, though I’m not in marriage, i going through the same situation as them. Its should be easy as we are not sign papers as this was our plan. It should be. I wanted it to be. And I’m glad we didn’t, i didn’t. […]

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Sick Shit

Sometimes i didn’t beg to get sick, yet i fell sick. Sometimes i didn’t beg to die, yet it horrendous thrust my soul. The moment i struggle to live, death always comes to say hello. It drive me crazy. My head so light, the ground pulling from me. Gravity playing trick on me. The world […]

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Tangled, Strangled, Hung

Irrational sense of bogey. What have i done? I can’t even look at the pictures for 1 second. Guilty as fuck. I don’t know what to do. Sam said it’s time for me to move on, counselled me to rethink quality in life that me and him have achieved. I could lead others out of […]

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Dear diary. Good morning. It’s Aug 12 2018 and 0517 hour. I’m wide awake. Parker Solar Probe successfully launched by NASA and ULA and enter her orbit cycle. Watched live stream the excitement was beyond words. After a while the eagerness evanesced, anonymous hollow sneaked in, began the unsettle despair. Nah. There are things i […]

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Desolation Polaris

Months passed by, voyaging along emotional wasteland, things changed. Polarity between 2 estranged individuals, i plainly knew flame of future was no longer lit, him still living in his bubble, yeah, took everything for granted. There’s no chemistry embarkation any longer. Misunderstood due to lack communication, passive interaction rifted us apart. I watched this happened, […]

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