Little Thought 

This is about sums it up! Women: “Can I have birth control?” Congress: “No.” Women: “I couldn’t get birth control so I got pregnant. Can I have an abortion?” Congress: “No.” Women: “You prevented me from having an abortion so I’m carrying the fetus, but my employer won’t provide reasonable accommodations and is threatening to […]

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Me And Marriage Fear

Reading through testimonials women suffer in marriage, after labor, after divorce, all these desolation wedlock feed me trauma. You have to admit this society is so fuck up. Women are nothing but sex object, home decoration, machine, men accessories. Marriage just license to have sex without get charge, advantage for men, all i can say […]

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Where Am I? 

I isn’t the same person used to be. I don’t feel happy or loved be with him. The fear of losing him isn’t there anymore. I don’t miss him. My heart changed, hasn’t it? I used to be sad for been neglected, or mad over no text for several days. The feeling of first date […]

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Depression Is Monster

Depression is like a worm, crawling under your skin and eating your flesh without anybody noticing. Because no one cares about what’s inside of you. And everybody overreacts when something’s seeable. But when “something” is noticeable is when you need people not to see, then you smile, every time for no reason, so they won’t […]

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