Syria war: Animals evacuated from besieged Aleppo zoo amid heavy bombing – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) The animals on this planet are the true victims from human indecency. At least a small percentage of people try to change the balance. So they cage them, abandon them, then the poorest and most unfortunate take care of them. That is called irony.

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Dairy of Lonely Star

Get out of bed is real struggle. People could never understand. Laziness is what people call. I started to believe this could be real, maybe this is behavior problem.  Exhausted from both physical and mental. I didn’t do much work, fighting off the chaos in my skull is tiring. Over paranoia make me uneasy. I’m […]

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Do Or Do Not, There’s No Try

Happiness depends on you. Don’t expect someone else to give it to you. If you want something go for it, don’t wait others do for you, if everyone wait for others to feed them, might as well die of hunger. Better.  This is how people do. Wait and wait. Only see the glory of success […]

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Cry Of Blood

Homo sapiens is such an asshole species. You could find any crook in every inch of universe. Greedy, selfish, jealousy, covet, hatred, lust, black-hearted, malevolence to it highest.  Competition existed since earth formed. Stronger, victors that survive. Everything was trying to eat each other. Trees in the forest racing to reach to the top of […]

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Tongue and Action 

Set up altar, eulogized flowers, light up candles, framed his pictures with my hand painted card. Watched as candles goes out, my eyes were wide opened, sleep were so far away. Good Goodbye played at the background with low volume, whispered. Insomnia. My mind agonized me lot.  Warm summer night went into dead, snoring sound […]

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Day 4 RIP Chester

It’s been day 4 after Chester passing. I feel like it just happened this morning. No, it can’t be real. Pretending everything is fine, force myself thinking that everything is in my head.  It’s hard to accept that he’s gone. He’s cross over rainbow bridge. For years he screamed on the stage and in studio. […]

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Depression Talk

Depression isn’t fun. People said you think too much, you’re stressing yourself. They never understand. It isn’t that simple you get up and get sun light then you’ll be OK. People won’t simply take their life away if it isn’t make them think it’s dead end.  Here is the article from Scatter Good Foundation.  Understanding and […]

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One More Light part 2

It’s 5.30 in the morning. Sun hiding behind gigantic stage curtain. Dead like a tomb outside, cold air warm wrapping around ground as the heat releasing from concrete. Not that cold. I sweat a lot during sleeping.  Recalling old memory, 15 years ago i was always awake at this time, sometimes earlier, scratching body, little […]

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